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Why Adopting an Outdoor Cat is not a Wise Choice

It is challenging to say why we should not adopt cats from the streets. Their behavior toward humans in their urban environment may well be much different from their natural habitat, and they are certainly less likely to be hit by a car (although they would be). They also seem happier (and more likely to be involved with play) when they live outdoors. But, let us look at the drawbacks of outdoor cats. Below are some reasons why it is not a good idea to adopt an outdoor cat.

Reasons Why you Should Not Adopt an Outdoor Cat:

First, there is the expense involved in adopting one.

Not everyone can afford it, which is ironic because cats are nothing like pets in many ways. Pet shelters struggle financially to keep up with the demand, so they are unwilling to take them in. This means that you will need to be prepared to find a private breeder or animal shelter to look after your cat if you do not want to adopt them.

Second, there is the risk of attack from wild cats.

 They have more energy than domestic cats, and they can get into areas where the fenced-in cats have been locked out. They can also attack adult cats that are looking for a meal. And there is also the risk of disease from parasites and other problems that can introduce from the outside.

Seeing animals on the street being left alone and abandoned feels sad, yet it's tough to risk and have one. But if you want to help, there are many ways to help them; you could plan together with your friends to create an outreach program that enables you to help a cat. For example, selling a DIY cat shirt and the amount of money you earn helps them.

Third, there is a concern for the cat's safety.

He cannot always find his way back to his outdoor cat cage. Sometimes he may find it, but it will also be lonely for him, and he may succumb to stress and disease. In addition, he will not be able to enjoy the company of his humans and feel loved and protected.

Fourth, There are, of course, many great reasons to adopt a cat from a shelter.

These cats are tested for disease, and they are given medical treatment when necessary. In addition, many of them have their homes inspected for safety by an Animal Control Officer, and the owners are often referred to them when their cat no longer qualifies as a pet. And, if all else fails, the shelters may be able to give their pets a new home with loving families already attached.

The outdoor lifestyle of these cats is somewhat at odds with the domestic lifestyle of most people. These cats are constantly outside, in the threat of attack from wild animals, and there is very little time spent cuddling with a favorite book or snuggling up on a sofa. It is important to remember that these animals need mental stimulation just as much as a dog or cat. If you do not want your cat to be a guard dog, you will need to devote some time to his care.

If you are very eager to help outdoor cats, you can save them with your friends or family. By buying them foods to eat or you could also ask your neighbours if they are interested in having one. To make it more unique, you can wear a cute and funny cat-t-shirt design, to get attention from people and who knows they would love to help too.

This does not mean that you should not take a cat into your home. The vast majority of abandoned cats will be soon adopted by caring owners who will give them the love and attention they crave. However, when you adopt an outdoor cat, you choose a special breed that needs special care. They tend to live longer than a cat raised in a domestic setting. And you will have to provide this care since you cannot take your cat with you when you go out of town.

A sad fact is that many cats do not receive the kind of care they need to survive when abandoned. However, some organizations can help you find a great outdoor cat. Their websites offer information and contact information for animal rescue groups near you, as well as the phone numbers and physical addresses of local animal shelters. Once you have the information you need, you can decide to adopt an outdoor cat or bring one into your home.

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