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What To Get A Coffee Lover On Their Birthday

It doesn't matter if you're a morning person or not; coffee is the best way to start your day. It's also great for giving yourself an energy boost in the afternoon and as a nighttime wind-down drink. But what do you get someone who drinks coffee all day? That's where this list comes in! These are all gifts that any java junkie would love to get for their birthday.


Birthday Gifts Ideas: 

1. Banana Bread Coffee

So many people like coffee enough that they will drink it all day long, but if you're looking for something a little less intense than your average cup of Joe, this might be the perfect option. Banana bread flavored coffee is light and doesn't have any caffeine in it, so you can still drink several cups in a day and not have to worry about getting wired.

2. Long Distance Mug with Handle

If your best friend is always on the road, why not get them something that will allow them to replicate their morning coffee fix when they're out of town? This travel mug has a handle that fits into the cup holder of your car. It's also insulated to keep coffee warm for hours at a time.

3. Hands-Free Mug Holder

This is a simple gift that will help any java junkie out. The hands-free mug holder allows you to place your coffee cup or travel mug right on the side of your desk. So you won't have to worry about spilling that precious morning elixir anymore!

4. The Bodum Brazil

One of the best ways to make sure that your morning coffee doesn't get cold before you drink it is to keep the pot you brew in warm for hours. The Bodum Brazil can do just that. This travel mug has a stainless steel design and a heating system in the bottom that keeps your coffee or tea hot all day long.

5. Coffee Cupping Set

When you're a coffee-lover, it's important to ensure that the beans you buy are of the highest quality. So why not get someone in your life who drinks several cups of Joe each day this gift set? This will allow them to taste different types of coffees and see which ones they prefer.


flatlay photography of five latte cups

6. Valentine Mug

If you've got a friend who doesn't drink coffee but they love hearts and red and pink everything, this Valentine mug might be the perfect gift for your next birthday. This ceramic coffee cup has – you guessed it – a heart shape in the middle of it. It's perfect for any loved one that wants to drink their coffee out of something a bit more stylish.

7. Coffee Bag Holder

If you're tired of your daily cup of Joe getting cold while it sits on the kitchen counter, keeps it warm by storing it in this thermal bag holder. All you have to do is place your 14 oz. will trap the coffee mug inside and the heat inside the bag to keep your morning cup nice and warm.

8. Coffee Bean Teas

There are so many different kinds of flavored coffees out there that you don't have to rely on getting a shot of espresso from your local coffee shop anymore. Instead, you can make as much flavored coffee as you want at home – even if you use coffee grounds instead of k-cups. There are moments when you want to be yourself and be alone for a while and holding on to your cup of coffee and wearing a cute coffee t-shirt.

9. Coffee Scented Candles

You can't drink your morning cup of coffee without it smelling good, so get yourself a candle that smells just like it! These candles are scented with actual coffee and not just an artificial fragrance, so they smell like hot beverages.


coffee and succulent plants

10. Coffee Bean Shaped Grinder

When you're a serious coffee drinker, it's important to grind your beans before you brew them. That's why this gift is perfect! It's shaped just like a coffee bean, and it will let you grind your coffee right before you use it. No more boring ground coffee! If the person you'll be giving is health-conscious, you could make them with your own recipe of iced coffee; rest assured it is organic and healthy.

12. Coffee Salt and Pepper Shakers

No matter how long you've been drinking coffee, your taste buds are still going to crave something savory with their cup of Joe now and then. These cute salt and pepper shakers shaped like a few different kinds of beans will let you season your food when you're in the mood for a pepper and coffee taste, but they'll also tell you that it's time to get back to work.

Chocolate Coffee Beans

When all else fails, there's nothing like chocolate. After downing a few cups of coffee each day, everyone will want something sweet once in a while. So why not indulge their cravings with these chocolate coffee beans? They're delicious and a great gift for any coffee lover you know.

If you're looking for a great birthday gift idea, look no further than something that your coffee-loving friend will use every day. Whether it's beans, mugs, or candles scented with the aroma of fresh-brewed java, these gifts are perfect for anyone in love with their morning cup of joe and always want to make sure they have enough on hand. No matter what type of mug or flavors they prefer, we've got a fantastic product just right for them!

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