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What is A Cyclist?

"I think most people have an idea of what a cyclist is, but I'll just give you my definition. A cyclist is someone who enjoys riding their bicycle for fun and/or transportation to get from point A to point B." 

"A bike can be any size or shape, made out of any material (metal, plastic, carbon fibre), with either 1 or 2 wheels. There are also different types of bikes: road bikes (for fast rides on concrete), mountain bikes (for dirt trails and rough terrain) and BMX bikes (a type that's good at doing tricks)." "And while some people might call themselves 'bicycle enthusiasts', others may call them 'bike nerds'.


What Is A Cyclist?

Is a cyclist someone who rides a bicycle? … or cycles. Or is it one who does things involving bicycles like a store owner, bike mechanic etc? … and what about an enthusiastic cyclist, passionate about cycling? Are these people cyclists too? If not, what or who are they then? And where do you draw the line?

Most of us have an idea about what a cyclist is, but can't quite pinpoint the exact identity. What exactly is a cyclist or who are cyclists? I think cyclists are those who ride bicycles and appreciate their value in our lives. 

They do it because they believe cycling makes for better cities and citizens, that a bicycle is more than a mode of conveyance, that it's primarily an instrument of freedom. They do it because cycling improves fitness and health, teaches self-reliance and responsibility, creates avenues for social interaction and promotes ecological awareness.


Why do people cycle?

It is a question that has been asked by many people. And the answer is very simple – for health, fitness and enjoyment. We all know how beneficial it is to cycle regularly; however, not everyone has taken up cycling as an official lifestyle choice. The reasons are numerous. Some feel that cycling in Singapore's hot weather may be uncomfortable. Some simply don't have the time to cycle. Others feel that they are not fit enough to cycle on a regular basis, or is it because cycling has never been part of their lifestyle.

There are also many obstacles in our way: busy roads without dedicated cycling lanes; motorcyclists who drive recklessly and dangerously; cars parked at cycling lanes in supermarkets, and many of Singapore's roads are still under construction. If your man is interested in cycling, it would be a better idea to give them cycling gifts that will make them happy. They will not just love it, but they will also enjoy it.


How Do We Encourage More People To Cycle?

How do we create a safe cycling environment, especially for those who have never cycled before or are not fit enough to cycle on an official basis? How can the benefits of cycling be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of their physical fitness or technical cycling skills?

One way is to simply cycle for fun – the beauty of a commuter-style bicycle. With its upright riding position, it brings fun and joy back into cycling after years of hard training on racing bikes! The moment they mount the bike, people will forget about their hectic work and daily routine stress. The reason for this is very simple – the Convert frees people from the constraints of a racing bike and adds more necessity to cycle for pleasure, without pressure. It's fun!


How To Get Into Cycling

We had some concerns about how easy it would be to get started. Was it necessary or possible to buy special gear? Would we need skills training and physio appointments? 

Since my partner was a beginner I didn't want her feeling like she needed to keep up with me on the bike, but then again I didn't want us getting split up by a bunch of roadies. We didn't have spare money, we'd heard it was boring and there were lots of cars on the roads at our non-commute times.

What we found was that getting into cycling is just like getting into any other exercise. You don't need anything special except a bike – which you'll get the hang of riding before you run out of puff on your first ride – and some clothes to keep you warm or cool as required. That's all. No special skills, no races, no extra expense. And it gets easier every time you go for a cycle together.


Why Have People Taken Up Cycling?

There are many reasons why people have taken up cycling in Canberra lately, perhaps most importantly the ease with which it can be blended into your daily routine.

Cycling is an excellent way to get fit and enjoy time together in other ways than simply watching TV or staring at your phones while commuting to work on two wheels. And a bike will make you feel more connected to where you live – whether that's getting around.

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