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What Does Patriotic Mean: Defining Patriotic Spirit

What does Patriotism mean?

For many people, the word patriotic conjures up images of soldiers at war with the enemy and an array of iconic American flags waving in the breeze. However, a patriotic feeling has nothing to do with these images and is often rather vague and generic for most Americans. True Patriotism is not based on feelings of superiority but on an obligation and respect to one's Country.

 In other words, we can define it as a degree of loyalty and dedication to the nation. This loyalty can be expressed or exhibited in many ways. Some show Patriotism through actions, and some show it through words. For example, some nations show their loyal allegiance by giving more money to the United Nations. In contrast, others like Venezuela do so by buying oil from the United States and selling it to other countries at a high price.

What exactly does Patriotism involve?

It is usually associated with sacrifice, especially in wars. However, when it comes to the actions of civilians, most of the time we don't see many sacrifices at all. For instance, most of the casualties in a terrorist attack in the United States are from other countries such as Afghanistan, considered "partners" of the United States.

What does the patriotic song say?

One can say that Patriotism is the love of one's Country. Another way is through displays of Patriotism through various means such as flag salutes, national anthems, banners, and even patriotic songs. Songs are often what brings people together during celebrations such as victory in war, the election of a president, or a national day of remembrance.

What does it mean to show great love for one's Country?

Love of one's Country is very similar to the love of one's family, friends, or relatives. A person who shows great love to his Country is usually not one who thinks much of his own self but rather looks upon his Country as his greatest asset, which will help him in the future. Of course, this does not mean that a person who loves his Country is a narcissist, but rather a normal type of human being who has feelings for his Country.

 The definition above indicates that Patriotism is a degree of loyalty and dedication to one's nation. However, Patriotism can also be expressed by using national anthems and symbols as well as flag-saluting activities. In addition, there are many definitions on what does patriotic means. Some even say that showing great love for one's Country constitutes being patriotic, while others say that showing loyalty to one's Country is what it means to be patriotic.

What does Patriotism mean to you?

Do you show Patriotism by following your national anthems at sporting events, participating in national community events, or serving in your community on humanitarian missions? Your answers to these questions will ultimately determine what it means for you to be patriotic.


How Do you show Patriotism to your Country?

1.  The simplest way is to sing patriotic songs.

Songs are a great way to show your loyalty and dedication to your nation, especially during war times. You can learn more about patriotic songs by doing some research on the internet. Many bookstores sell books about patriotic songs and their definition.

2. By wearing National Anthem

Another way of showing great love and loyalty to your Country is by wearing national anthems. In fact, wearing an American flag is considered to be showing great love and loyalty to the nation. Of course, this has certain implications, such as if you're not an American, then you can't wear an American flag. It would be disrespectful to the thousands of patriotic Americans who have given their lives for their Country. However, if you are born in America, then you most likely know better. To show love and patriotism to our country is a great feeling; aside from wearing a national anthem, there are also many other options like wearing a cool patriotic t-shirt. You can purchase it online; it is budget-friendly, and comfortable wearing it while attending the parade.


3. Participate in National Events

Another way of showing Patriotism is by participating in national events like parades.Parades are a great way of showing your Patriotism because they allow everyone to see how much you care for your Country. While most parades nowadays focus on a particular theme, like liberty or remembrance, many focus on certain causes.

For example, parades that highlight the Vietnam War are more popular than those that just highlight national pride in the military. By participating in some patriotic games, also shows patriotism to your country. So if you are planning to join patriotic games, you can research ahead or read on some cool patriotic games to play during patriotic day to have ideas about the games.

It would be easy to define exactly what patriotic means to someone else with these values in place. However, when we talk about ourselves, it is important to remember that not everyone shares the same definition of Patriotism. Indeed, many claim a strong sense of national identity, while others are just content to live in their own echo chamber of thoughts, memories, and opinions. The fact of the matter is that not everyone will be able to agree with the definitions of Patriotism. Therefore, each of us has to work hard to find our own definitions and put them into practice. The bottom line is that displaying Patriotism is not a meaningless gesture - it is rather a very important and beneficial one.

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