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The Best Gifts Under $20

The holidays are fast approaching, and you need to find the best gift for everyone on your list. You may be thinking about what they want or need, but remember that it's also important to think about what they would love! The following gifts will make any person happy.

In today's era of over-consumption, when Christmas is just a few days away, it can seem difficult to find the perfect gift for everyone on your list. But in reality, many great gifts can be bought for under $20. When choosing the best gift, consider their personality and hobbies to know what they will love.

List of Budget-Friendly Gifts:

1. A Fun Socks Subscription

It's always nice to have a fresh pair of socks, but it's even better to have new novelty socks! You can subscribe your loved ones for fun socks, which will provide them with reoccurring deliveries of their favorite designs. There are many designs currently on the market that are great for both men and women. You can choose to receive one pair each month, two pairs every other month, or four pairs per month.

2. Nail Art Kit

Becoming a stylish adult is hard work! So it's nice to have time for the little things, like beautifully painted nails. Fun nail art kits come with everything you need to paint your nails, including thousands of stickers and designs to choose from. Choose a theme for your loved ones or get them the supplies so they can design their own! The possibilities are endless with these kits.

3. A Coffee Subscription

Just about everyone enjoys a nice cup of coffee in the morning, but it's even better when you get a new blend every month! So you can subscribe your loved ones for their favorite type of coffee, and they'll also receive helpful brewing tips that will make them the perfect cup of java.

4. A Customized T-shirt

Customized T-shirts are a great gift for any occasion because you can design them to suit their personality and interests! For example, if they love gardening and plants, you could create a shirt with their favorite flowers and plants printed. If they love to read and write, you can make them a literary-themed shirt that features quotes from their favorite book or author. Since you're designing the shirt, there is no limit to what you can put it on!

5. Invisible Bookshelf

If you have a book lover in your life, then an invisible bookshelf is the best gift you can give them! These shelves are perfect for people who love to read but don't have the room for a large collection of books. They will attach right to their wall and provide them with an invisible storage area that can still hold dozens of books.

6. A Homebrew Beer Subscription

Love beer? Then you'll want to get your loved ones a homebrew beer subscription box. These boxes contain everything you need to make your favorite type of beer. In addition, they will receive brewing ingredients with instructions on how to make the most delicious beer they have ever tasted!

7. Novelty Board Games

Board games are a perfect gift for both kids and adults because everyone enjoys having fun with family and friends. Novelty board games come in a wide range of themes and are great to have when you have people over for the holidays. You can choose from games that involve riddles, trivia, drawing, or even acting out scenes from your favorite movies! Aside from these Novelty Board Games, there are also plenty of fun games for an adult at the most reasonable price; you can check them out have some fun.

8. A Classy Flask

Since we don't condone drinking excessively, we still think that flasks are a great gift. Flasks come in endless styles and can be engraved with your loved one's name or initials to make it extra special! Some flasks even come with different colors for the inside, which will allow your friend to enjoy their favorite liquor in style.

9. A Hanging Succulent Wall Planter

Succulents are beautiful and don't need much care to grow, making them the perfect houseplant. A hanging succulent wall planter is an amazing way to brighten up any room with these tiny plants. You can choose from several different colors and designs to find the perfect one for your loved one's taste!

10. A Ukulele

We all love music, and if you know someone that does, then a ukulele is the perfect gift. Ukuleles come in endless styles and can be found to match any type of preference. They're small and easy to learn, making them an ideal beginner's instrument! Anyone can learn how to play with patience and practice.

11. A Vinyl Record

Vinyl records are making a comeback, and there's no better way to show someone you care than by gifting them their favorite vinyl record. The best part about vinyl is that it will never go out of style – it's timeless and transforms any room into a '50s-inspired lounge! In addition, there are endless albums you can choose from that will suit any taste in music.

Many great gifts can be bought for under $20. Some of the best gifts are custom T-shirts, an invisible bookshelf, a homebrew subscription box, novelty board games, a classy flask, a hanging succulent wall planter, a ukulele, and vinyl records.

If you're looking for the perfect gift, then consider your loved one's favorite hobby! Many great gifts will match their interests and allow them to enjoy something they love even more than before. When giving a gift, always think about their personality and what they will enjoy!

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