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The Basics of Cycling: How to Start, What It Involves

Cycling is a great way to get in shape, stay healthy and even make some money. But before you can start cycling, there are basic steps that need to be taken. From what type of bike you should buy to which clothes you will wear while cycling, here are the basic steps for getting started with cycling!

Find Bike

Having the correct type of bike is critical. There are three basic types to choose from, road bikes, mountain bikes or hybrid bikes. Road and Mountain Bike styles will have many more gears, while Hybrid Bikes typically only range between 24-26 inches in height. When picking out which bike you want to buy, make sure that it suits your body size/shape, so you don't end up with back pain! If you're just starting cycling, then a good choice for beginners would be step-through frames because they can accommodate wider hips without any problems at all.

Buy New Gear:

Once you know what kind of bicycle frame style suits us best, there's still one thing left to figure out: what to wear. Cycling clothes are very comfortable and include various items, from basic shorts and shirts with moisture-wicking fabric that absorbs sweat while you're cycling to more fitted clothing like armbands for temperature regulation on long rides or knee warmers in the wintertime.

Learn How to Bike:

When it comes down to riding, there's nothing complicated about it; just get on your bicycle, start pedaling and keep going! But before getting started, know where all the gears are when looking at a new bike, as well as which ones will work best for different terrains so you can make sure you have enough power behind each stroke no matter what type of terrain you're on. You should also be aware of the essential hand signals in cycling and how to read traffic lights.

Know Your Way Around:

The best thing about cycling is that you can go on an extended tour or just ride for hours and explore new places - but before getting out there, make sure you know what routes are safest and which ones have more traffic (so it's less likely any accidents will happen). Also, look up directions online beforehand so that they don't get lost when you're riding with friends! And always keep an eye open for those extraordinary things like parks, monuments or museums because each one has its beauty to see.

Get Ready on Time

This might seem basic but having enough time aside, especially if we were going on a long ride, is essential. If you're going on a road trip for the day, make sure to pack necessities like water and lunch; if we were doing this in the morning, then breakfast would also be necessary! And don't forget your bike lock - it's always good to have one just in case something happens when locking up, especially with all of this expensive equipment.

Make Some Friends:

Cycling is a fantastic way to connect people who might not otherwise meet, so why not get out there and make some new cycling buddies? You can join clubs or groups online where other cyclists gather and talk about biking events happening around town while making connections and meeting lots of different people. 

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