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Why Patriotic Day Is Special

Why is Patriotic Day on September 11th? The question often asked is, "Why is it a national holiday?" The reason is quite simple; it is a commemoration of an event that occurred at a particular point in time. It is also a way of showing pride in a country. When we observe such an occasion, it is to celebrate a particular day, a historical event, or a people.How often have you heard of such events as the Oklahoma City Bombing, the Pearl Harbor Attack, and the hijacking of airliners in 2021? This is not just a list of incidents; there have been many more like these. The point is that there are...

Patriotic Games to Play on the 4th of July

Patriotic games are fun and easy to plan. Depending on your time zone and convenience, you can either play the American game or the European game. The best part about these games is that they are perfect for children, young adults, and even elders. The game idea can be adapted according to age, interests, and skill level. There are many patriotic games available online.     Some of the Patriotic Games to Play:   1. Red, White, and Blue:    This popular game is great for birthday parties. In this game, players must dress up in their best American flag clothing and get ready for a get-tog...
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