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Beat the Heat: Cycling Clothing and Accessories

To make sure you've got the perfect cycling outfit for any occasion, we've created this guide on cycling clothing types as well as how best to accessorize your outfit with essentials such as sunglasses or a helmet! We hope that you can dress appropriately for any weather conditions while still looking stylish by following our tips!  Choosing Cycling Attire When choosing cycling attire, it's essential to consider the type of weather you will be riding in. For example, when it is cold out, you may want a heavy coat and gloves, while you can get away with shorts and tank tops on warmer days. ...

The Basics of Cycling: How to Start, What It Involves

Cycling is a great way to get in shape, stay healthy and even make some money. But before you can start cycling, there are basic steps that need to be taken. From what type of bike you should buy to which clothes you will wear while cycling, here are the basic steps for getting started with cycling! Find Bike Having the correct type of bike is critical. There are three basic types to choose from, road bikes, mountain bikes or hybrid bikes. Road and Mountain Bike styles will have many more gears, while Hybrid Bikes typically only range between 24-26 inches in height. When picking out which b...
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