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Steps on Cleaning Your Coffee Maker: How to do it Properly?

A coffee maker is one of those things that you either love or hate. There's an old saying, "You either love it or you hate it," but I think it applies more to coffee makers than it does to people. You use your coffee maker every single day, and whether you love it or hate it, there are certain things you should do to make sure you get the most out of it. This article will help you with a few simple tips on cleaning your coffee maker.

Before you start cleaning anything, turn off the power to your coffee maker. It's always a good idea to turn the power off before cleaning anything. If your coffee machine has a drawer that you can't get to with the power off, don't worry, there are simple solutions for that as well. Just close the drawer and unscrew the cover of the drawer so you can get to the parts. Most coffee makers have a door on the top of the device that seals shut tightly.

Here are a few basic steps to cleaning a coffee maker.

Step 1: The first thing you need to do is remove the filter basket.

This is the part of the coffee maker that you cannot see. It contains oil that makes your coffee taste better, and filters keep the ground particles from scattering. Take all of the oil out of the basket and set it aside. Now, if you turn off the power, it's time to unscrew the filter. Cleaning a coffee maker is hard and stressful, but you have no choice but to clean it yourself.  To be motivated, you should wear inspiring printed coffee t-shirts for women while cleaning your coffee maker so that you will enjoy and have fun.

Step 2: Next, you need to drain the water from your coffee pot.

Fill your coffee pot halfway with cold water, but not cold enough to freeze. Remove the coffee grounds from the bottom of the pot and pour the water into your coffee maker. Turn the power on to full and wait a couple of minutes while the water sits in the pot. Drinking coffee is a great feeling especially if you are stressed or want to unwind; a cup of coffee will do, but to those who are curious why a cup of coffee can change a person's mood, now is the right time to find out why.

Step 3: When the water starts to boil, turn it off.

Pour the remaining water into your cup and empty the pot, leaving the filter basket behind. If there is any leftover coffee, such as a touch of cream or sugar, take those out and put them in a separate container. Next, run a clean cloth over the entire surface of the coffee pot to clean the exterior. You can also use a sponge or rag to clean the interior.


Now it's time to move on to cleaning the inside of the coffee pot.

First, take out the filter holder.

You can either twist off the retaining ring on the filter or pull it straight out. Next, clean the inside of the pot by removing the grounds and pouring the water into the coffee pot. You might need to add a little bit of vinegar or baking soda to keep the coffee pot from sticking to the sides when you pour the water in.

Next, remove the water hose that you are using for your coffee.

When you have finished this step, it's time to remove the water hose and any attachments that you might be used for cleaning your coffee. Next, unscrew the head from the pot, remove the water supply tube from its housing and discard the water. If you have a drip tray, it's probably best to discard this also.

Third, turn your attention to your grounds.

This is very important because if you don't do this step, you'll find your coffee maker will start to stain. Before this step, you will need to rinse the coffee pot under cold water and then through a filter.

Finally, you should place the coffee in the strainer and press down hard to let all the sediment come out.

If you don't do this step, you might find some of the sediment becomes lodged inside the machine. That will prevent you from ever enjoying that cup of coffee again! It's worth a few extra minutes to get this process done right, so you don't end up with a pot full of coffee stains.

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