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Is Cycling a Good Idea For Dogs?

Cycling with a dog can make for some great times. If you have a puppy, you should consider the benefits of cycling as well. Cycling can be an excellent exercise routine for both you and your dog. It's easy to see the appeal of this sport. It is low intensity, great for your cardiovascular system, and a great way to get outside and meeting new people. 


Here are some tips and tricks to keep the fun going for both you and your dog.


1. Know Your Area -


 Cycling is great outdoors, but it can be a little bit of an inconvenience if you live in an area that isn't bicycle-friendly. If this is the case, consider taking your dog with you. Some cities have designated off-road cycling parks. There are often tables and chairs available for you and your dog to get a great workout while you enjoy the fresh air in these areas. If your dog is comfortable on a leash while you bike, the cycling experience can be twice as rewarding.





2. Have Safety Supplies - 


You should always have safety equipment on hand as your dog is riding alongside you. A helmet, gloves, and long pants are a must. In areas against the law to ride your bike, make sure that you wear a small animal reflective flag or shirt. This will help you see your dog in case you get into an accident. Some dogs even have lights attached to their collar that can be turned on in an emergency.


Before you decide on cycling with your dog, you must first prioritize a proper dog harness for cycling so that it will not be difficult for you to cycle along with your do. A dog harness is helpful to prevent accidents and to have a safe and calm ride.


3. Experiment - 


Cycling with a dog can be a great experience for both you and your pet. Start slow and give your dog the proper tools to engage them in your activity. Don't be afraid to start at a gentle pace. Some cyclists will begin by pedalling themselves and working their dogs for some time. This gives the two of you time to become accustomed to each other and get used to the workout.


Cycling is a great way to exercise. Bringing your dog sometimes can make them feel welcome and socialize. That's why it is necessary to wear a comfortable, funny dog t-shirt to make it a more memorable adventure together with your dog. Cycling is not just fun, but you can create wonderful memories together with your dog.


4. Get Off The Bike - 



Once you've gotten a feel for cycling, there are some things you need to do before you can leave home:


  1. You will need to lock your bike. It's best to have a secure bike stand to keep your bicycle in while you cycle.
  2. You should put on any required protective gear.
  3. Make sure it fits well and that it's comfortable so that you can have a great time.


5. Avoid Long, Tacky Tops - 


If you don't want your dog being hot under the helmet, try to find a top that can zipper up or use some Velcro strap to attach to the top rather than straps that go everywhere. There are plenty of great ones that come equipped with fleece for extra warmth. Finally, check out which style of biking shorts works best for you and your dog. See if they have some built-in ventilation ports to keep your feet nice and dry.


6. Start Slowly - 


One of the best ways to get started with your dog is to start slowly and let them get used to being outside gradually. You can start by taking her for short rides around the block. Don't be surprised if she doesn't do too well at first. If you are getting into cycling, see if you can take her for longer rides in a nice comfortable jersey that has plenty of space for her head, neck and legs. This will help her transition easier. Try to stick with the same style of shorts even if your dog starts to have a little more pep in her step.


7. Work Your Way Up - 


If your puppy likes to go for a run but dreads cycling, there are plenty of great indoor options for you. You can buy specially made bike covers made from waterproof materials that will work great in these situations. These will keep debris from getting stuck in between the handlebars and under the seat. There are also specially made handlebars and saddles that would be useful in this situation. Cycling is an excellent exercise for dogs and provides an excellent cardiovascular workout for you.


The choice is yours. You will enjoy cycling with your dog. If you think of taking your puppy on a family bike trip, it is best to start slow and build up to longer rides as the puppy gets used to the behavior. Cycling with a dog does not have to be something that you dread. Be creative and enjoy spending time with your new friend!

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