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How to Wash Hats Properly?

There are different ways of how to wash hats. You must first know the fabric type of your hat before learning how to wash it properly. Then choose the best machine that you have. Finally, you must learn how to properly dry your hat according to the instructions on the label. This is to make sure that the hat doesn't get damaged during the wash and dry process.

Steps on Washing a Hat:

Firstly, check out the material of your hat before washing it. 

Natural cotton or artificial material is fine to be washed in ordinary dishwashers. But plastic hats made from wool or cardboard materials will become damaged in the ordinary dishwasher. If you need caps for sports like baseball caps, you need to take care in washing them because caps made from wool can turn matted, crumbly or waxy when washed and dried improperly.

Secondly, measure the length and girth of your hat.

Make sure that it is at least twice the size of your head so that it won't stick to your head while you are washing it. Wearing a tennis cap can easily irritate the ears, eyes and neck because of its awkward shape. And if you have long hair, it's challenging to keep it away from your face when shampooing it. On the other hand, a cap is easy to maintain because you can untie it and hang it up.

It is important to wash and clean your hat neatly and properly so that you don't need to buy one; cause buying a hat can be costly. But if there are instances that you damaged it, you have no choice but to purchase a brand new cool hat online.

Thirdly, consider your washing methods.

You should wash your caps according to the instructions on the label or as described in the instruction manual. Different types of hats require different methods. And remember that over-washing is not good for your caps. Wash them only once a week and don't use hot water. Use lukewarm water instead.

Fourthly, purchase a good laundry detergent.

Avoid using those made from bleach or plastic because these detergents can cause your hats to tarnish quickly. Also, avoid using hot water when washing your hats since this will cause the color to fade faster. Instead, use cold water and detergent powder to start if your machine does not have a separate dryer, set your dryer to the "draft" setting. This will help your caps dry faster. Having a bucket hat is essential; aside from adding fashion to your personality, it can also protect you from the sun and the rain.

Fifthly, follow proper ventilation while washing your hats.

 This will prevent your sweat from sitting on your hat and transferring to the shirt you are wearing. Remember that hats can accumulate sweat so make sure that your shirts have plenty of ventilation. In case you do not have vents, make sure that you are sitting and wearing your hat on the side away from you. You may also want to try wearing a sports cap with a pocket made of cotton so you can insert a sports ball to keep your sweat away from your skin.

Sixth, keep your hats air dry at all times.

There are plenty of products in the market that is specifically made for keeping your caps air dry. However, if you are not using one already, it's time to get one. Wearing your hats air dry will help your hat stay clean for a long period. Try to use lint-free cloths when cleaning your caps to prevent your clothes from getting dirty.

Seventh, remove your hat before you put it in a washer.

You can leave your hat inside for a few minutes to allow it to get wet and then place it inside the washing machine. Your hat will be dried faster than if you leave it inside the machine for a few minutes. You can also run your hands under warm water to thoroughly dry your hat before placing it inside the dryer. After you're done drying your cap, you may want to put a hat casing on it to keep dirt and water away.

If you follow these instructions, you should be able to wash hats without a problem. However, if you find that these methods don't work or cannot get them clean in the washing machine or dry cleaning machine, you may need to get them cleaned by a professional. They will provide you with some suggestions and ideas that will allow you to clean your hats successfully. This will help to keep your caps looking fresh and clean.

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