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How to Make a DIY Cat T-Shirt

Customized Cat Lover T-Shirts are designed for you, the loyal pet owner. It is not just enough to become a pet owner. We should show our love to the four-legged family member as well. This way, we show them that we appreciate their loyalty and love. If we did not have a loving family, living such an abundant life would not be so rewarding.

So you want to learn how to make a DIY cat t-shirt. Making your clothes or crafts is very rewarding and also can be a lot of fun! This is especially true if you choose something you enjoy making. If you want to try making a DIY cat t-shirt, you will need a few simple things. They include iron, cat fabric, thread, zipper and maybe some paint too.

Steps on Making a Customized Cat T-Shirt:

1. Decide Your Design

First, you need to decide what type of design you want your DIY cat t-shirt to be. You could do a cartoon theme, picture of your cat, sayings, patriotic symbols, sayings or even one of your cats in its shirt. There are endless possibilities! Let yourself have some fun!

2. Gather the Materials and Supplies Needed

Once you have a theme selected, you will need to gather your supplies. The first thing you need to do is get your fabric; this should be lightweight cotton which is machine washable. Be sure to leave enough room to run the sewing machine without having anything on the other side. Next, you will need a sewing machine, a measuring tape, an iron with a zigzag button and a pencil.

3. Always choose Light and Bright Colors

Remember to choose a bright color that will show through the garment. Avoid darker colors as they will hide the design better. You will want to find or borrow a picture of a cat you like and get the dimensions of the cat. You will also enjoy a t-shirt with double-sided printing. This way, you can see the cat on the front and then the name on the back.

DIY can be hard cause it requires time and patience, so if you want to make your work soft, you can also order a personalized funny cat t-shirt online. This is a great gift idea or even a birthday gift for your cat. Whatever the case may be, ordering a customized shirt that you can wear and show off is sure to bring you a smile.

4. Download a Template on the Internet

There are many designs to choose from. Just print the template out and cut it out. Your next step is to iron the template to the back of the t-shirt. If the design is too large, you may find the ironing process to be difficult.

Use a marker to write the name and address on the back of the template. Once you are done writing the information to print it out. If the template has a picture of the cat, you can print that as well. There are many different places you can get templates for free or at a low cost. You can also find great deals online if you shop around.

5. Stitch and Sew your DIY Cat T-shirt

After you have printed your template and your cat design is ready, you can start stitching. Remember to be patient, as it will take some time. You will want to work slowly and sew one edge at a time. When you are finished stitching your cat t-shirt, you will want to wash and iron the shirt so that the seams are nice and tight.


It does not have to be an expensive adventure if you want to make a DIY cat t-shirt. A fun project that children will enjoy doing.   Now it is time for you to put all of those ingredients together to make that special one of a kind t-shirt for your feline friend.

Getting a personalized cat lover t-shirt is a great way to show the world just how much you care for your kitty. You will have an accessory that will allow you to show off your kitty all the time and show people just how special they are to you. It is also a great gift ideas for cat lovers, who loves their kitten so much.  If you are planning to have a pet with you, choosing between cats and dogs is a hard decision cause both animals are lovable and loyal creatures. But if you have to choose for the best you can read on some reasons why cats and dogs are the best pets for kids, so that you will have ideas which one is the best for your kid.

The instructions in this article are also applicable for making other types of t-shirts like tank tops and sweatshirts. Remember to consider all safety precautions before trying your hand at any new sewing technique or product. Good luck with your search for how to make a DIY cat t-shirt.

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