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Gifts What every woman wants for Christmas

Christmas is coming, and what do we want? Gifts! Women are not all the same. They have different wants, needs and desires. Yet there are some things they can agree on, even if it's just for Christmas!

Christmas is a time of giving, and no one deserves to be left out. Unfortunately, one gender that often gets forgotten is women-but they deserve gifts just as much as men do! Here are some ideas for presents every woman will love this holiday season.

Here is a list of what every woman wants for Christmas.

1. Shoes

Let's start with this-we all love shoes! Whether it's stilettos or boots, flats or heels, every woman loves a new pair of shoes for Christmas. If you are unsure what type of shoe your gal likes, pick up the classic black booties that go great with everything. They a list of gifts every woman will love!

2. Bath & Body Works gift sets

Who doesn't love getting pampered? Many women go crazy over the scents at Bath & Body Works like pumpkin, berry, or lavender. You can never go wrong with a gift set from there! If you are looking for something more affordable, pick up somebody lotion, coconut-scented chapstick, or a new shower puff.

3. A new book

Everyone loves to read! Get your girl something she will enjoy this Christmas-a book! Whether you get her the classic novel everyone has on their shelf, an autobiography of her favorite actor/actress, or even a book about fashion-she will love the idea of getting something from you that she wants to read!

4. A day at a spa

If you want to treat your lady, take her to a spa for a day full of relaxation. Get a massage together, go for a steam room session, and end it all with some tea and desserts.

5. Electronics

Everyone loves electronics, whether it's your laptop or phone, don't hesitate to get her something small that she will enjoy. You can never go wrong with giving the gift of technology!

6. A fancy dress

Even if it is not a formal season, every woman would love to have a dress in her closet that she feels amazing in. So get her a dress that will go with heels, flats, or even sneakers.

7. Cashmere pajamas

Does every girl love to lounge around in comfy clothes-and? What's better than cashmere? Pick up some cute pajama pants and a matching pillowcase, or throw on a pair of sweats and a cozy oversized sweatshirt. If she doesn't dress up much, this gift will be a winner.

8. A selfie stick

Does your girlfriend love take selfies? Christmas is the perfect time to get her a selfie stick! Selfie sticks are not only cool, but they're also very practical-take it with you when you travel or if you want to take a selfie at the opera.

9. A scarf

Scarves are so stylish, and they keep you warm, too! Every woman loves to have different kinds of scarves for different outfit combinations-so pick up one that will go with anything she already owns. You could also pair the scarf with a customized printed t-shirt for women to make it more perfect.

10. Perfume or cologne

A nice bottle of perfume or cologne is a gift that every woman will love to receive. Just don't get the same one she has!

11. Luggage

If your gal loves to travel, get her some new luggage for Christmas! Whether it's a nice backpack, duffel bag, or rolling suitcase-she will be excited to receive this gift.

12. A nice watch

If you have a very special lady in your life, she will absolutely love receiving a fancy watch for Christmas. Watches are an accessory every woman should own!

13. A journal or travel planner

Every girl likes to write things down once in a while. If your girl likes to write things down, she will definitely love a new journal or travel planner for Christmas if your girl is the kind of gal.

14. A candle

Candles are a great gift idea for Christmas-they create a nice scent in the home, and there are so many different combinations of scents! Pick up her favorite scent or something that reminds you of somewhere you've been together.

15. A nice bag

When it comes to bags, bigger is always better! Shopping bags and diaper bags are too practical-give her a new purse for Christmas that she can use for special occasions.

Some women are not materialistic; they prefer gifts that are budget-friendly or handmade. So instead of buying to the mall, why not consider giving them a date by riding and going to breathtaking places and relaxation.  You could also train and practice them cycling along the way to become pro in it.

When it comes to what every woman wants, there are a few things we can agree on. So whether you're shopping for your girlfriend, mom, or sister, here's a list of gifts that will make any woman happy this Christmas! If you've been struggling with figuring out the perfect gift for her this year, check out our guide mentioned above and find inspiration in some ideas from other women who know exactly what they want.

 You'll be able to pick up something small like electronics (everyone loves new tech!) or bigger ticket items like luggage if she travels often. Whatever her interests may be-we guarantee one of these presents will put an instant smile on her face when she opens them under the tree on Christmas morning!

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