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Factors to Consider To Make Cat Live Longer

How long does a cat live, This is an interesting question asked by many cat owners. Most cats will happily tell you how long they last, but they do not. The cat is a domesticated species of small carnivore mammal. It is probably the only domesticated animal in the genus Felidae and is commonly called the domestic cat to differentiate it from its wild ancestors. Several factors affect their longevity, but the primary factor influencing the lifespan of the cat is diet.

Factors to Make a Cat Live Longer:

1. The diet plays a vital role in determining the cat's lifespan.

You should feed your cat a well-balanced diet free of meat, fat and carbohydrates. Canned foods are better than pet food as they contain less filler and also have high water content. Try to avoid dry cat food and opt for canned food. If you cannot afford to buy canned food, buy dry cat food, retaining more moisture and a better flavor.

2. Activity Level of a Cat.

While considering the diet, you should also consider whether the cat has a good amount of exercise. Cats are active animals, and a sedentary lifestyle will have a negative impact on the cat's longevity. A cat that spends most of its time lying around on the couch will not be very healthy. It could be due to lack of exercise or obesity. You should also make sure that no parasites are living within the cat's environment. Cats can pick up parasites from other cats, and if there are none within the cat's environment, the cat may live longer due to the absence of parasites.

Like humans, cats also need exercise; the best activity for a cat that will make them feel happy is cycling. When you cycle with your cat, you must take note to let them wear equipment gear to prevent accidents. You must also wear your cycling protective gear and equipment, such as a meowdy cat shirt for cycling to make your ride more exciting and fun.

3. The length of a cat's life is also influenced by how it was born.

Some breeds of cats are short-lived, whereas others are long-lived. For example, the American Shorthair is extremely long-lived. However, the British Shorthair is also long-lived but is extremely short-lived. Also, consider that cats can be born in various states such as kitten, adult, senior citizen, and even pregnant. It would be surprising that kittens can live up to 6 years while an adult cat can live for more than ten years.

4. Your cat also needs mental stimulation to keep him happy and healthy.

This can be provided by playing with him and interacting in other ways, such as sleeping on your bed. Don't simply cuddle him and allow him to sleep all day. Instead, play with him and teach him commands, such as going out for a walk. If you want to pamper him and make him feel loved, then spend time playing with him instead of just staying indoors all day long.

Making a personalized t-shirt together with your cat is fun; hence, you can both cherished each others company. Life is too short; indeed, you must live every moment out of it.

The lifespan of your cat is based on several things such as how long does a cat live when they are young, their activity level, how healthy are they when they are young, the diet they eat at different ages and their activity level. Some of these can change over time. For instance, how your cat eats can change over time. If you feed your cat canned food, this may not be as appealing to them now that they have become accustomed to eating dry food. They can also become obese, which hurts how long your cat can live. Your cat's activity level and diet can also affect its lifespan.

A happy and healthy cat will live longer than an unhappy and unhealthy cat. Likewise, good health maintenance will keep your cat around for longer because it can live several years, even with repetitive vet visits. In terms of home maintenance, the best place to start is from the start. Making sure your cat gets regular exercise, eating the right kind of food, using the right type of litter, and making sure their home is clean and safe will all positively impact how long your cat life expectancy will be.

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