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Cyclist Sign – Which is Ace Demonstrating?

Cyclists have a ton of different hand signals that they use, but what does this one mean? The cyclist in the picture is demonstrating the "Ace." This means that he can't go any farther and needs to stop. Drivers need to know about these signals so they can avoid running over cyclists when they get close. What other cycling signs are there? See our blog post for more information!


The Benefits Of Having A Cyclists' Sign That Is Ace Demonstrating

The main point is that cycling on the road shouldn't be a massive, strange activity, and it's something that for most more confident cyclists they're not going to feel threatened by.

Something like this is far more likely to help people sitting in their car and other road users spot any cyclists around.

It doesn't necessarily have to be cyclists' signs as well - just about anything that clarifies there are cyclists ahead would work. That could be lights, sirens, or horns. Hell, even something like this might help:


Safer Cycling Environment

Of course, when we're looking at things that might help, we also need to avoid putting anyone off cycling as well. The idea of sticking these signs all over the place might not be popular with some cyclists, too - feeling like you're being told off or blamed for something is a pretty natural reaction when it comes to anything like this, in my opinion. 

Forcing things on cyclists or making them feel like they have to take extra precautions isn't precisely the best way of going about things and one of the reasons why it's so tricky to work out how on earth you'd go about doing something like this in the first place.


How Can We Make Cycling Safer?

The thing is that signs aren't the problem here - it's the fact that people aren't looking for cyclists when they're driving around. Something like this, in my opinion, would be far more effective:

The visible warning signs could be placed directly on the road where a cyclist will be, or even on the pavement to help people walking know that there's a cyclist around. This kind of thing could either be built into the road where it can't be missed or fixed onto existing street furniture (like lampposts).

Something like this would also benefit from being visible from far away - so assuming it's placed on a busy enough road, it should get some attention from drivers. After all, talking about the effectiveness of things like signs is something most people will have some opinion on.


Best Possible Ways To Minimize Cyclist Accidents

In my experience, even just having T-shirt-bright clothing and flashing lights on your bike makes quite an impact - which is: I'm not sure how much clearer our intentions or actions could be - we're going out of our way to put ourselves in front of drivers! It's not enough! Perhaps some flashing lights and horns will help?

As cyclists, we're just doing our best to make sure the world knows that we are (a) here on their roads and (b) pose a significant danger to them at all times. It would help us if they knew that - I can't tell you how many near-misses with buses and cars I've had because the driver wasn't aware that I was there. 

A large part of me believes that it's our duty as cyclists to be visible, but perhaps we are indeed moving a little too far in one direction?


Best Idea To Prevent Cyclists From Car Accidents

So, what if someone could invent a way for cars to know when we're turning. We've tried squeaking and swerving wildly, but it's just not working!

I'm sure this would get cyclists killed in record numbers, but that's a small price to pay for the sheer number of accidents prevented each day. The average cyclist can prevent up to three car accidents a day!

Of course, as with all things like this, the execution will be the problem. It would be difficult to get the technology right and even more difficult to stop people from saying it was distracting or dangerous - though there seems little reason why a sign or something similar wouldn't

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