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A List of The Best Birthday Presents

Your birthday is coming up! So what should you get the friend who has everything? If they're like most people, they want something small but personalized. But what do you get them if they already have all of those things? How about one of these awesome birthday presents to show them just how much you care about them!

Birthdays are a time for celebration and giving. Gifts, cards and parties all bring the fun and excitement of this joyous occasion to life. But what should you get your friends or family members on their special day?

Here's a list of some great ideas!

1. A nice greeting card

If you're not looking to spend much money, but your friend or a family member has everything they need, get them a simple greeting card. Since more people go out of their way to get birthday presents for people closer to them, fewer cards are sent out. You can do your friend or family member a favor by letting them know that you still think about them even if it's not their birthday!

2. A t-shirt with a funny picture on it

Printed t-shirts are an excellent choice if you want to get something funny, but don't have very much money to spend. Instead, find a great image of your friend or family member doing something silly or embarrassing and ask the local print shop what they can do with it. A t-shirt with a picture on the front is also an excellent gift idea for kids!

3. A mix CD/flash drive filled with songs they like

Make your friend or family member an amazing mix filled with songs (CD or flash drive) they like. You can keep it simple by just getting a CD of the latest hits or customizing your mix to their tastes.

4. A nice pen set

A sleek new set of pens with some room for customization is an excellent birthday present! Find out if your friend or family member's favorite color is blue, green or any other colors, and then get a set of pens that feature that color prominently. You can even get them a matching calendar or notepad to help them stay organized!

5. A new pet

If your friend or family member is a true animal lover, consider getting them a pet for their birthday! Check with local shelters if they have any kittens or puppies that are looking for a home. If they have allergies, you can get them a reptile instead.

6. A new wallet or purse

A new wallet, handbag or briefcase makes an excellent birthday present! First, find out your friend's favorite colors and then choose something to match their tastes. If they've wanted a new purse or wallet, they will be thrilled with this gift!

7. A food basket

If you know your friend loves to cook, consider getting them some ingredients for their favorite dishes. Get them an assortment of spices, pasta and other tasty treats so they can whip up something delicious at any time! You can also get them some new kitchen tools or tableware to help them out in the kitchen.

8. A teddy bear

Everyone loves teddy bears! If your friend is like most people, they would be thrilled with a cuddly stuffed animal to snuggle up with at night or keep on their desk (if they don't already have one). You can get them a bear that says "Happy Birthday!" or you can choose their favorite color and get something to match.

9. A gift certificate

If you don't know your friend's tastes very well, consider getting them a gift certificate to help them pick out something they like. Check with stores in their area and find out if the gift certificates they sell are good for specific items or for a certain amount of money. If you're feeling extra generous, try getting them a gift certificate to their favorite restaurant!

10. A crocheted blanket

The perfect birthday present for your loved one! You can find out what color they like or get them a blanket that matches their favorite sports team. If you're not very crafty, consider getting them a ready-made miracle blanket and then spend time together after your friend opens their gift.

Birthday presents are a great way to show someone you care about them. Whether it's their birthday or not, there are plenty of ways to get your friend something they'll love without breaking the bank! From mix CDs with songs on them that match their tastes to custom pens and even pet gifts- if you're feeling generous, there is no shortage of things for sale in stores near you. Take some time today before their big day arrives and find out what kind of gift would make your loved one happiest this year. We hope our list helps point you in the right direction so that your present exceeds all expectations!

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